The freshness of Bergamot and Neroli envelop an intriguing wildflower bouquet including fresh Lavender and candid Orange Blossoms. Harmonious. Fresh. Precious. This composition sublimates the senses with oriental notes of Myrrh and Vanilla and adds a touch of forbidden pleasure thanks to the accords of Labdanum and Peruvian Balsam.

Top notes: bergamot and neroli.

Heart notes: lavender and orange blossom.

Base notes: balsam from Peru, vanilla, myrrh and labdanum.

Weight 300 g

The Capitolium hill was divided into two summits: the first, where the Acropolis was established, and the second, dedicated the temple of Jupiter Capitoline, worshipped with Juno and Minerva. The name Capitolium originally indicated only the first summit, while later it extended to both. In Roman society the Capitolium, with its magnificent Hellenistic temples, had a double meaning: religious and political. The beating heart of the city and the scene of legendary events, even warlike ones, over time it became a predominantly religious place, where rites, traditional cults, and priestly processions were celebrated; where the augurs foresaw Rome as destined to become “the center of the world”. This millennial destiny of glory and magnificence, this prophetic mixture of divine and human, between East and West, has inspired this powerful yet seductive fragrance (lavender, vanilla, myrrh, and labdanum).

Weight 300 g
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