Elegance and seductiveness are infused in a fragrance with great olfactory power. Phoenician Juniper blends with a sparkling combination of Red Fruits and Citrus notes. The sweet notes of Peony and Magnolia embrace aromatic White Sage and precious Patchouli. The woody notes of Guaiac and Cedar are intertwined with the highly sought-after Buchu Balsam. Cinnamon Peel adds a playful spicy touch, creating a fun harmony.

Top notes: finger lime, pink grapefruit, Phoenician juniper and red fruits.

Heart notes: peony, magnolia, white sage and patchouli.

Base notes: cinnamon bark, guaiac wood, cedarwood, Buchu balsam and Musc.

Weight 500 g

ForHadrianus, the source of inspiration was the bridge built to allow devotees to easily reach the imposing mausoleum of emperor Publius Helios Trajan Hadrian (today, Castel Sant’Angelo). A strong and elegant fragrance, fierce and seductive, a hymn of praise to the most prestigious of Roman emperors, a leader, a builder of cities, a civilizer, cultured, fascinating, an esthete, lover of art and harmony, enchanted by the beauty of his beloved Antinous. With top notes (cedar and red fruits), heart notes (red thyme, rose, and honey) and base notes (leather and precious woods). All components used for perfumed ointments, celebrating an immortal personality, as well as his strength, his genius, his harmony and his love for theater, music, poetry, and Hellenistic culture.

Weight 500 g
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