A lively and multifaceted fragrance that opens with an intriguing mix of Lemon, Bergamot, and fine spices. At its heart, the synergy created by Artemisia, Red Thyme, and Cardamom characterizes the composition and tips it towards an oriental feel. The woody notes combined with Tonka Bean, Cypriol, Amber, and luminous Musc create a full-bodied and reassuring base of unmatched intensity.

Top notes: elemi, lemon, bergamot, pink pepper and savory saffron.

Heart notes: artemisia, red thyme and fresh cardamom.

Base notes: patchouli, tonka bean, chypre, amber, precious resins, cashmere wood and musc.

Weight 500 g

ForAemilius, the source of inspiration was the nature of the places close to the two shores. The Emilio bridge had a very important role, as it connected the two banks of the Tiber in a strategic location: the western bank of the river, at the time already populated by a Jewish community, and Porta Flumentana, which stood on the opposite shore. This gate was one of the entrances to the ancient walls of the city, leading to the three most significant public places of Ancient Rome: the Campidoglio, the Forum, and the Circus Maximus. On the one hand, the Jewish tradition (the Levite priests were at the same time doctors and perfumers, which indicates the close link between medicine, magic, cooking, and perfumes), on the other, the centers of power, linked to the cult of the Roman gods. This is why this fragrance is an intoxicating blend of spices and resins from Asia: a psychedelic blend that, in addition to evoking distant lands, is the perfect scent to represent absolute power – a reflection of the divine. From the top notes (cedar and pomegranate) to the heart notes (aloe, used by the ancient Jews to produce perfumed balms; incense, as a tribute to the cult of the gods, and myrrh, used as a funerary aroma), down to the base notes (oud, the perfume of the gods, because the Capitol was the public place where the most important gods of Ancient Rome – Jupiter, Juno and Minerva – were venerated; and finally, patchouli accords, leather accords, woods and amber).

Weight 500 g
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