A fresh blend of Black Lemon and Bergamot joins intense notes of Pink Pepper and delicate Blue Chamomile. The precious Saffron Flower blends with an intoxicating aromatic bouquet of Angelica, Juniper Berries, and Coriander. Amber, Agarwood, and Incense are intertwined with luminous Musc and refined Leather Accords, giving life to a captivating sillage with an oriental feel.

Top notes: black lemon, bergamot, pink pepper and blue chamomile.

Heart notes: saffron flower, angelica, juniper berries and coriander.

Base notes: amber, agarwood, incense, leather accord and Musc.

Weight 650 g

Aurelius hasa similar source of inspiration. The Aurelio bridge joined the two banks on either side of the river: Campo Marzio and what is currently known as Trastevere. Campo Marzio (Field of Mars, god of war and weapons) was the place used by the Roman army for military exercises. Hence, the top notes (aquatic notes linked to the Tiber), the heart notes (metal and blood, permeating every military area) and the base notes (pistachio and Middle Eastern spices, to emphasize the Trastevere district, an area on the outskirts of the city where migrant groups from the East lived, keeping their ancestral rites).

Weight 650 g
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