A citrus blend with a great olfactory impact. The aromatic, green and spicy notes of Lentisk, Neroli, Myrtle, and Pink Pepper create an unparalleled harmony on the skin. These accords elegantly blend with unexpected aquatic accents emphasized by Red Algae, embellished with Hinoki Wood, and illuminated by White Musk. An extremely sophisticated and seductive composition.

Top notes: fresh ginger, sweet Sicilian orange, mint, aquatic accents and basil.

Heart notes: angelica roots, mastic, neroli, myrtle and pink pepper.

Base notes: red seaweed, hinoki wood and white musk.

Weight 650 g

During the first centuries of the Roman Republic (4th and 3rd centuries BC) and in contemporary history (1924, Matteotti crime) the Aventinus hill became the trench-site of protests, against the prevarication and abuse of political power (plebeians against patricians; democrats against the growing fascist regime). A refuge for the affirmation of freedom. This fragrance, also inspired by the floristic kingdoms (gardens of oranges and roses) that, over time, have covered and adorned this hill, wants to celebrate its symbolic, historical, and naturalistic value (sweet orange, myrtle, basil and white musk).

Weight 650 g
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