A bold and vibrant fragrance, enlivened by a playful contrast between notes of Birch and strong woody accents. An irresistible spicy scent wraps around crunchy apple notes. Roasted Barley, Red Thyme, and Lavender dance together among fleshy Jasmine petals. Balance is achieved. Everything fits together in a perfect symphony.

Top notes: birch, spicy notes, grapefruit and crunchy apple accord.

Heart notes: toasted barley, red thyme, lavender, allspice and jasmine.

Base notes: guaiac wood, amber and warm woods.

Weight 650 g

Esquilinus hill was the highest and largest of the seven, formed by three hills. It took its name from the inhabitants of that suburban neighborhood, who lived outside (ex-) the heart of the city. It bordered a lower, suburban area called Suburra. Filled with social and cultural contradictions, chaotic, crowded, noisy – an area that, later, became a symbol of decay and ill repute, representing the other side, social and human, of the city. Dotted with taverns, brothels, infamous inns and taverns, it became, therefore, the place of transgression, where – according to rumors – even the emperor’s wife, Messalina, went, incognito, at night, to indulge in the soldiers. A melting pot which, without any moral prejudice, combined magic and reality, bringing harmony to opposites, as demonstrated by this fragrance, which is inspired by that ethnic and cultural melting pot (birch, spicy notes, apple, toasted barley, guaiac wood, amber).

Weight 650 g
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