This fragrance is the balanced exaltation of these mythological components: a perfect synthesis of power, strength, knowledge, struggle and energy, fueled by the regenerative breath of the sea.

Top notes: aquatic accents, sea salt, white thyme, artemisia, eucalyptus and myrtle.

Heart notes: cherry blossom, pelargonium, verbena leaf and sweet fennel seeds.

Base notes: warm spices, cedar wood, patchouli, benzoin and botanical musk.

A fragrance that celebrates the Greek origins of Positano. A place with the name of the god of the sea and storms, linked to the legend of the Sirens (half women and half birds) who represented a dangerous trap for sailors, who, attracted by their sublime songs, were shipwrecked on the rocks.
Hence the perennial myth of Ulysses, who does not want to give up that experience-knowledge and has himself tied to the main mast of the ship, ordering the sailors to plug their ears to escape the trap of the Sirens.

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