This fragrance is a hymn to female beauty, to the welcome and harmony of the scents and colors of Sorrento.

Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, bigarade orange, grapefruit and lemon.

Heart notes: jasmine, white flowers, eucalyptus leaves and iris.

Base notes: ambrette seeds, vetiver, cedar wood and botanical musk.

A melodious, soft and seductive fragrance, created to evoke an ancient legend, linked to the myth of the Sirens, from which the name of the place would have originated: Sorrento.
Sirentum was a beautiful girl, with blond hair like gold, born from the secret love union between a farmer from the Sorrento hills and Leucosia, one of the three sirens, who, living on her rocks, tried to charm the sailors. She was married, for her attractiveness, to a prince of Durazzo and was loved by all, because she was a dispenser of honey, almonds and figs to the poorest populace.
When she was taken prisoner, in 1558, during the sack of Sorrento by Suleiman the Magnificent, sultan of Istanbul, she was ransomed with the help of all the Sorrentines, from the nobles to the humblest, and brought back to safety in Sorrento .

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