The zesty notes of Lemon and Orange are enveloped in ethereal Smoky Accents, resulting in a clean floral heart where the delicate Jasmine embraces the scarlet Pelargonium. Together they blend with a precious note of Patchouli. In the background, Tonka Bean and Vanilla intertwine with Precious Woods, Ambergris, and Vanilla. The delicate touch of green Botanical Musk adds persistence and depth to the fragrance.

Top notes: lemon, orange and smoky accents.

Heart notes: jasmine, davana, pelargonium, patchouli and beeswax.

Base notes: Tonka Bean, ambergris accord, vanilla, precious woods and botanical musk.

Weight 650 g

ForCestius andFabricius, the sources of inspiration were the two symmetrical bridges that connected the opposite shores with the Tiber Island, a natural treasure trove located at the center of the Tiber river, with its legends about the god Aesculapius, its mystical rites and priestly processions, inspired by oriental traditions. Both fragrances, in fact, have a mystical and oriental character. The notes of the former, Cestius, are warmer, due to the presence of amber and precious woods, with top notes (pomegranate, a sacred fruit whose branches were used by priests to adorn their heads, and cedar, which was wrapped between clothes in order to prevent them from being eaten by moths), heart notes (rose, cedar wood, and patchouli) and base notes (amber, burnt during sacred rites, precious woods, and honey, considered a food of the gods). The latter, Fabricius, is less warm, but still precious, thanks to the combination of amber and iodized marine notes. Top notes (always pomegranate and cedar), heart notes (always rose, cedar wood and patchouli), and base notes (amber, precious woods, and iodine, with marine notes evocative of the boats that, coming from the sea, dropped anchor on the Tiber Island).

Weight 650 g
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