Viminalis is a cloud of seduction that envelops the senses. An amber-based fragrance, characterized by the smoky tones of Benzoin and the irresistible Tonka Bean, it stands out for its immediate charisma. Developed around warm essential facets, this luxury fragrance is extremely captivating, reminiscent of a voluptuous embrace that evokes instinctive and irrepressible reactions.

Top notes: mugwort, juniper berries and lemon.

Heart notes: pelargonium, magnolia, red salt and coriander.

Base notes: ambroxan, benzoin and Tonka bean.

Weight 650 g

The Viminalis hill, squeezed between Esquilinus and Quirinalis, was the smallest of the seven hills, but due to its position and height, up to 57 meters above sea level, it was the only one to enjoy the breeze coming from the distant sea. Devoid of sanctuaries and public buildings, it was rich in wild vineyards, groves, bushes, and wild willow plants, in particular the Salix Viminalis, the Viminal willow, from which it took its name. Viminalis, in fact, derives from vimen, a word indicating the flexibility of these branches, used for weaving since the dawn of time. On the hill, a medium-level residential area, many of the inhabitants created woven baskets, mats, and various daily objects. The particular element of the sea breeze has inspired this fragrance, which aims to recall an olfactory memory of sun-soaked places, perhaps a childhood memory, reminiscent of the breath of the sea (juniper, red salt and benzoin)..

Weight 650 g
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