When i was a child soon discovered a strange thing: I had a talent that no one else had. I had a particular sense of smell. I smelled all the smells, even those that nobody else perceived. It was my way of recognizing the world around me. I could not accompany Mom when she went to the butcher, because as soon as I entered the shop all the possible smells of deteriorated meat and blood rose to my nose, I could not tolerate them. I had to go outdoors to recover. The same thing happened in the pastry shop. With the arrival of the school, I acquired a new awareness that the sense of smell among the five senses I had was the most powerful for me. My nose has never deceived me, so over time I have transformed this peculiarity of my sense into something positive. So I discovered the existence of extraordinary essences, present in niche perfumes and I understood that perfumes are like jewels capable of enhancing one’s personality. The transition from this awareness to a real passion and then, in a business initiative, came with my stay in two years, representing my company, in Argentina. In Argentine exile, I felt like a prisoner in a foreign country. At that time my research started and, with it, I started to shape my dream.

the return to Italy and the birth of the brand

With the return to Italy, in 2014, I began to seriously study the world of perfumery. I wanted to be able to understand a world that I knew very little about but that I already felt as part of me. Learning the secrets of this profession has not been easy. But I was helped by my decision to stay for a long time in Provence and, precisely, in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. In Grasse I studied and attended the first historical perfumery industries. I also attended specialized courses. The rest came on its own. I finally managed to create the “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi” brand in 2017, after two years of research and insights into the art of perfumery and niche perfumes. Although professionally engaged in an international telecommunications company for about twenty years, over time, I have cultivated my childhood curiosity for smells and my great youthful love for perfumes of excellence: with travel abroad ; with studies on the universe of perfumery, including historical ones (in particular, on oily perfumes from the Greco-Roman world); with forays, as a passionate buyer, in all the news produced, which arrived on the Italian and European market; on the essences used, with non-amateur analyzes; on the different compositions, on the olfactory pyramids, on the fragrances and on the raw materials market and their naturalistic and geographical origins.

finally Septimontium!

The love for Rome and the desire to celebrate the ancient history of my city, to which I feel very close, led me to dedicate the first collection to one of the most sacred religious holidays in Roman times, which celebrated the foundation of Rome on the seven hills: the feast of Septimontium. From this premise, I have consistently descended that the perfumes of the collection were seven, a magical number also for perfumery, which bore the Latin name of the seven hills (Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis ) and that they had a composition inspired by the floristic realms, present on those hills since ancient times, as well as the urban history and the geographical position of the places. With my first Septimontium collection, an innovative collection of perfumes, therefore, I also wanted to draw on the founding values ​​of an ancient civilization, which, together with the Greek one, still represents the architrave of Western culture. For this reason, the seven perfumes evoke the characteristics, not only naturalistic, of the places. I also intended to enhance, in cultural as well as aesthetic terms, the practice of the ancient Romans, widespread in Rome, with the use, in personal hygiene, of essences and fragrances obtained both from the cultivation of officinal herbs of Lazio , both from imports, from the eastern provinces of the Empire, of incense, spices and resins.


How much attention and care a great perfumer of the rank of Maurizio Cerizza lends towards new perfumers, like me, who have transformed an ancient youthful passion into a creative enterprise, in the specific field of niche perfumery, I have had proof of this since from the first meeting with him. I have long wanted to get to know Cerizza, known only to me by fame and his most famous creations, to obtain his teachings, highly professional advice and, hopefully, creative advice for my new collections. This direct contact with a great master represented, for me, a psychological goal and a turning point. The creative landing between us was preceded, in the second half of 2018, by an in-depth knowledge by Cerizza of my path, also to understand the reasons for the success of my Roman brand, right from the start , in such a competitive and specialized sector. My shuttle between Rome and the Cerizza laboratory in Milan, in less than a year of meetings, led, finally, to the creation of the new collection: the Septimontium II collection, like the first edition, made up of seven fragrances, inspired by the seven hills of Ancient Rome (Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis);


The perfume can be represented graphically with a pyramid, the so-called OLFACTORY PYRAMID The Olfactory Pyramid is a theoretical display of the degree of evaporation of the components and their persistence. It consists of three levels that allow you to illustrate the temporal development of the fragrance. HEAD NOTES: They are fresh, light and persistent notes, they disappear in a few minutes. Those few minutes are enough to unleash the desire to discover the fragrance. HEART NOTES: They are more powerful and more consistent than the top notes. They have a medium persistence and constitute the development of the perfume that leaves the so-called “trail”. BASE NOTES: These are the highly persistent raw materials that evaporate slowly and can persist for days. They express the personality of the perfume which generates its loyalty in use. Perfume must be an important component of our day and our life. Something that belongs to us and is intimately ours, which helps us to face everyday life and the most significant moments. A handmade perfume will become as unique as the wearer’s skin. The molecules contained in the elements of artisan perfumes will combine, in harmony, with the natural elements of our skin and will become the second skin of those who wear them.

«He who dominated the smells dominated the hearts of men. Because men could close their eyes before greatness, before horror, before beauty, and shut their ears before melodies or seductive words. But they couldn't escape the perfume. " (Patrick Süskind)