seven new niche perfumes, very innovative, inspired by the seven hills of Ancient Rome: Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis. A collection, the “Septimontium”, which takes its name from the religious festival, which celebrated, in fact, the seven hills on which Rome was founded. On the sidelines of the inauguration, EXCELLENCE interviewed Mauro Lorenzi, creator of the brand and collection. Romano, born in 1974, graduated in political science, passionate about niche perfumes and engaged in the art of perfumery of excellence.

  • Does this entrepreneurial initiative in the high-class perfumery sector really come from a youthful passion?
    Since I was a child, perfumes have always fascinated me. Especially niche ones. I was curious to know its composition and how it was possible to harmonize the different natural essences. A non-commercial perfume must express the personality of the wearer. I am enthusiastic and satisfied to have turned a passion into a small company, creator and distributor of natural, very innovative and persistent fragrances. I’ve been working on it for over a year.
  • In what sense do you persist?
    Volatile perfumes, even those of some famous fashion brands, push the wearer to make continuous use of them. So for commercial and marketing purposes they are more profitable for the manufacturer. They buy more. Persistent perfumes stay longer on the skin and clothes, so they are less profitable, as they last longer. Niche perfumes, like mine, cannot, but must be persistent. By their very nature. Each with its own personality and with an olfactory effect, strongly evocative.
  • Why did you call your first collection “Septimontium”? Do you feel very attached to Rome, to your city, to the capital?
    The feast of the Septimontium, that is, the feast of the seven hills, was one of the most important religious feasts in Roman times, as it celebrated the places, that is the hills, on which Rome was founded. Mine wants to be a tribute to our origins civilization, to the greatness and beauty of Ancient Rome. I deeply love my city, our capital.
  • How did you manage to transform history, civilization, culture and classicism into strongly characterized fragrances?
    Through historical, naturalistic, floristic and urbanistic research. Almost all the seven hills were dotted with splendid floristic kingdoms, woods and luxuriant vegetation. So it was easy to identify the basic natural essences. Laurel, roses and oranges, as for Aventinus. Where the flora did not help, exposure to the sea breeze helped me, as for Viminalis. Or the presence of religious cults, of oriental origin, as for Quirinalis.
  • Calling the seven perfumes with names in ancient Latin represents an absolute novelty in the world of fashion! A counter-current choice?
    This collection has not only an entrepreneurial and economic dimension, but also a cultural one. Anyone who wears Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis or Viminalis, will be driven to understand the origins of our history. I am convinced that the originality of the names in Latin will also have a strong impact on marketing. At least I hope.
  • Does the number seven have a magical meaning for you too?
    In any ancient civilization, the number seven is sacred. Starting from divine creation. It represents perfection and expresses globality and universality: all.
  • She aims to make her perfumes “understood” before they are tried and then worn. Because?
    Knowing the composition of a perfume, before trying it, helps you in the olfactory choice. If I know that Quirinalis expresses the Orient, I will not be surprised by the note of black pepper, which immediately goes to the brain.
  • Are these niche perfumes unisex?
    Certainly. Their absolute originality makes them congenial to everyone, without differences in sex.
  • In addition to the store in Rome, in via Palasciano, 28, will perfumes also be available on the web? Will an e-commerce site be available?
    From October, for online purchases, my brand’s e-commerce site became operational:
  • Which of the seven perfumes in the collection do you feel most attached to? And why?
    My perfumes are like children. I created them and I love them all the same way.
  • To which target customers is this innovative offer of “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi” addressed?
    These perfumes are accessible to all, with a propensity towards a medium-high clientele, lover of glamor and luxury. We will, of course, offer them to guests in Rome, from the Americans to the Chinese, from the Japanese to the Russians. The scents of Rome will be brought home.
  • Do you think to create, with these fragrances, also other perfumery and cosmetics products, to offer to customers?
    It is an inevitable outlet: candles, room scents, body creams.

Good luck!