Calabrian Bergamot blends with deep peppery vibes. Elderflower, delicate and tenacious, intertwines with notes of Cistus. Sandalwood awakens the senses and unfolds in a voluptuous outpouring of delicate sweetness, gradually revealing Musky Notes, Incense, and Cedar Wood.

Top notes: citrus notes, pink pepper and Calabrian bergamot.

Heart notes: cistus and elderflower.

Base notes: cedar wood, musky notes, sandalwood and incense.

Weight 650 g

Formerly called Mons Querquetulanus, due to the many oaks (quercus) that stood on its top, the Caelius hill, named after Etruscan chief Celio, who had camped there, became one of the most elegant and aristocratic residential districts of the city, even in the imperial age, thanks to the splendid vegetation and beautiful gardens of its patrician residences – including Julius Caesar’s. Its naturalistic vocation has found worthy fulfillment, from the 16th century to the present day, thanks to Villa Celimontana, now a public park. The olfactory triumph of conifers, palms, holm oaks and laurels inspired this fragrance, which celebrates love and respect for the natural world, which provides health and joie de vivre (citrus notes, bergamot, cedar wood, sandalwood, and incense).

Weight 650 g
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