Creativity, uniqueness, and character make up an inimitable sillage. Quirinalis is a real olfactory revolution, thanks to the combination of Violet Leaves and Saffron. A fragrance characterized by a skillful balance of opposites that attract in an almost magnetic way: hot and cold, softness and power.

Top notes: violet and saffron leaves.

Heart notes: sambac jasmine.

Base notes:musky notes, Tonka bean and patchouli.

Weight 300 g

The Quirinalis hill is actually the combination of four hills, a “real” hill for the Romans, rather than a mountain. It was inhabited in ancient times by the Sabines, called Quiriti, hence the name. It became, both in the monarchical and republican age, and up to the imperial era, a place crowded with mithreums, sanctuaries, and temples dedicated to pagan cults (from Quirinus to Serapis, from Semo Sancus to Diana), which were imported to Rome by the people who had been conquered by the Romans – from the Italian peninsula all the way to the East, through Greece and the Mediterranean, in a process of constant assimilation of different cultures, which integrated with the Roman one. A sort of cultural and religious syncretism, revealing the tolerance of Romans, at least until the advent of Christian monotheism, which condemned polytheism and threatened the very “divinity” of the emperor. This fragrance aims to exalt this spirit of tolerance, as well as the assimilation and coexistence of different cultures (violet leaves, sambac jasmine, Tonka bean and patchouli).

Weight 300 g
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